Join Lorraine Segato and Olivia Chow for a unique workshop that uses creative tools to uncover the real meaning and purpose behind your work.

This 3-hour training will help you to explore questions that can enrich and strengthen both you organizing and artistic practice: “Why do I create? What are my principles? What impact do I want from my audience, and what action do I want as a result?”

Expected Outcomes

  • Understand how your core values have been influenced by pieces of music, poetry, film, murals, graphic arts and theatre, and locate what really drives your work
  • Grow your abilities as a leader using the power of artistic expression.
  • Ground your work as an artist in true self-knowledge and self-awareness.
  • Link your work as an organizer to other dimensions of creative expression.
  • Awaken essential codes necessary for sustaining a lasting career.
  • Learn to harness creativity as a tool to disrupt self illusion as well as disrupt power.

WHO: Emerging artists, organizers and activists (or all three at once!). 

WHEN: Contact us to schedule a training.


About the trainers

P1020388-copy_Sarah_Mango_Colorfyr1_Antonio_20160126191336571--620x400.jpgFor over 40 years Lorraine Segato has earned a reputation as a charismatic and iconoclastic performer. Her unique voice is compelling and identifiable no matter what format or medium she creatively explores. Lorraine joins the Institute to add artistic and cultural training and practices into our curriculum. Lorraine draws on her extensive experience as an arts ambassador to teach organizers and emerging artists to utilize artistic expressions—including music, film, art, and performances—to tell their stories and motivate others to action. Her empowerment anthem Rise Up is being inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in November 2019.

Olivia Chow

Olivia Chow has been one of Canada’s most effective and well known public figures. She now leads the Institute’s educational initiatives. In 1991, Olivia became the first Asian-born woman elected as a Metro Toronto Councilor. She was re-elected to city council five times, serving with distinction for 14 years. First elected to Parliament in 2006, Olivia won re-election twice. Throughout her career, Olivia has been at the forefront, working for progress for all.

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