The good work done by too many NGOs is simply not known outside their client base. This effects fundraising, recruitment of volunteers and the impact of your campaigns. The Institute for Change Leaders is offering a customized workshop to show you how to improve your ability to communicate effectively with key audiences and the abundance of vehicles available to you to accomplish your communication goals.

The course will include presentations, mock sessions, critiques and coaching.

Expected Outcomes

  • Learn how to craft your stories to move your supporters and your community to action.
  • Refine your messages.
  • Improve your individual presentation skills.
  • Learn strategies to improve your profile and effectiveness as a messenger.
  • Learn the way the media work.
  • Learn how to prepare for an interview.

WHO: Organizers and activists looking to improve their ability to communicate effectively.

WHEN: Contact us to schedule a training.


About the trainer

brendan agnew-iler

Brendan Agnew-Iler is a veteran campaigner and strategic communications consultant. Since serving as press secretary and senior advisor to Toronto Mayor David Miller, Brendan has worked on high-profile public issues such as transit investment and expansion, carbon pricing, science education, child care, climate change and public health.

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