What a year! A little over a year ago, when we formally launched the Institute for Change Leaders, we didn’t realize using the word change would tempt the gods! Lives disrupted, livelihoods destroyed, families torn apart - the year has certainly given us enough change to keep us on our toes for years.  

These changes have also highlighted the inequality and inequity that we have quietly accepted in our societies. They made us face the systemic racial bias that has been stitched into the fabric of our society. They unmasked the risks healthcare workers take to keep us safe and alive, despite the trying circumstances and government failings. They made us confront how much we depend on early childhood educators who take care of our children - and how little we take care of their economic, health, and well-being. 

It has to change.

In our 2020 Annual Report, we invite you to read about the people we have trained, and more importantly, the changes they have been able to advocate for, the fights they have been able to gear up for, and the victories - big and small - that they have won.

Read the report.

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