Meet this month's ICL Facilitator, Rizwan Tufail!

By George Carter

Rizwan Tufail is one of ICL’s most knowledgeable facilitators, having taken Marshall Ganz’s curriculum during a full-semester course when he was getting his Master’s degree at Harvard’s Kennedy School in 2012. When he moved to Toronto in 2015, Rizwan quickly became a cornerstone of the ICL family. He has taught our flagship Building Skills for Change workshop and supported the growth of youth, ECEs, African community leaders, and countless other leaders striving to make change across Canada. He also served as the Chair of ICL’s Board for over a year. His dedication and commitment to ICL comes from a genuine love for storytelling and a passion for teaching others the skills they need to make the change they want.  

Rizwan is a technological wizard with over 25 years working in the industry. He has worked for industry leaders such as Microsoft and Mozzilla and runs a public policy consulting house. What drives him to be a change leader is the need to fight for technological equity. The vast benefits of technological advancement are not experienced by all segments of the population. In our fast-paced world, while most of us are racing ahead, Rizwan fights for those who are being left behind.

Rizwan’s other great passion is food. If you look up “foodie” on google this will be your top result:

And no wonder! Before COVID-19 Rizwan would lead Around the World in 80 Bites, a tour of Toronto’s scrumptious, decadent, and mouth-watering ethnic food scene. But food wasn’t the only thing on the menu. Diners must also come with an appetite to learn. When Rizwan began his food tours in Boston in 2012, he wanted people to come away from the experience more knowledgeable about the many cultures that shape our world. He would invite a member of the  local community to join the tour to provide an educational as well as flavourful experience.

While the current pandemic has meant an end to Around the World in 80 Bites, Rizwan’s passion for food is unquenchable. Currently he wants to fight to raise awareness and make change to address the ongoing issue of food insecurity. He has also combined his enthusiasm for food and culture with his deep love for his family. Together they are learning how to cook new and exciting meals from across the world. Despite the current crisis, and the many significant challenges that it brings, Rizwan finds hope and joy in spending more time with his loving family.

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